Royal Technology and Agriculture

A purpose driven company restoring Royalty back to Planet Earth and humanity.

Royal Technology and Agriculture

“Healing the Planet through Royal Agriculture”

Royal Technology and Agriculture

“Healing the planet through Royal AgriCULTURE. Securing the Quality Standards with Royal TECHnology. Through Culture and Science, We're Connecting People Back to Planet Earth.”


At ROYAL TECHNOLOGY, we educate farmers/brands, retailers and consumers on the high-quality value in replenishing soil’s microbiological life with regenerative crop production. We engage and empower their agricultural knowledge and buying decisions with graphically-attractive, easy to read innovation at their fingertips. Our Quick Response (QR) Code technology immediately informs consumers of nutrient mineral density, geographic sourcing information, and sustainable farm practices as they relate to premium quality for their health and wellness. Today’s consumer marketplace demands efficiency, integrity and product quality – our regenerative farms and responsible agriculture partners strive to enhance mineral nutrient density in yields (increase carbon sequestration back into soil) seasonally reduce
fertilizer cost, and reduce water usage.




quality assurance

kiss the ground

Please watch the trailer “Kiss the Ground” narrated by Woody Harrelson (released on Netflix September 22, 2020) to learn more about regenerative farming science, water conservation and how this revolutionary farming method is our greatest ally in carbon sequestration and the path to global health and rejuvenation.

“Securing the Highest Quality Standards with Royal code Technology”

Our Royal Code technology uses laboratory test results taken from agricultural outputs during production. Quality-assured lab tested soil information, seed genetics data, and plant tissue figures are all aggregated to provide the highest level of transparency for products and brands throughout the marketing and sales process. By scanning our QR codes, consumers make informed, intelligent data-driven purchases to optimize their health and support the true wellness of Planet Earth.




ROYAL CODE Technology

Simply by opening the consumer’s camera app and hovering over the Royal QR code, customers and potential buyers can quickly learn the relevant facts regarding brand value, origin and critical quality information. User-friendly, attractiveness and fun, the platform maximizes loyalty between brands and customers while providing insights into changes and future trends.


Agriculture Technology

Royal farm technology uses multiple levels of automated data inputs, machine learning predictive analysis, and laboratory testing for enhanced yields and increased revenue. Our users produce food, plant medicine, botanicals, textiles, flowers, and in some cases environmental restoration. Royal’s technology and regenerative science lead the way in restoring soil health and reducing carbon from earth’s atmosphere.

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Our regenerative farm consulting and management services include comprehensive education,  operational management, and SOP’s for farms moving away from conventional practices. Running on Royal agriculture technology, we’re able to successfully transition farms from conventionally depleted soils into alive and thriving, mineral nutrient dense, high yielding soils. Our team of enterprise farm consultants pay close attention physically and virtually to farm output. Using Royal technology, we achieve the shortest timeframe for optimized results.

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Our team

Chad McMillan
Founder and Co-CEO

Multiple start-up businesses in farming, payments, fashion, and SaaS technology, Chad brings an artistic and seasoned acumen of industry experience. With increasing awareness into the mismanagement of Earth’s natural resources in farming and textile manufacturing, he was inspired to create Royal Technology and Agriculture. Chad brings executive leadership, marketing, sales, strategy, business development, and cultural influence to the Royal team.

Ali Palmer
Founder and Co-CEO

An IRAQ War Veteran, Army Ranger, and graduate of both West Point and Harvard Business School, Ali brings a tremendous level of executive leadership, enterprise management, distribution logistics, contracting, business development, sales strategy and proven operational excellence to the Royal team. With a passion for healing Veterans and humanity, Ali co-founded Royal Technology and Agriculture and seeks to leverage his 23 years of professional business experience to Royal’s consumer ecosystem.

Russ McCray
CFO and Legal Counsel

Russ’s financial expertise and leadership take roots in the United States Air Force Academy furthering to receive his B.S., MBA, SCPM, PhDc, and J.D. A Technology and Real Estate entrepreneur with almost 20 years of corporate finance, government contracting (DAWIA certs), a successful exit in technology, and enterprise legal experience in Defense Contracting and RE Development Management, Russ ensures Royal operates within the highest level of fiduciary accountability.

Bruce Craycraft
Chief Information Officer

A seasoned software technologist including several successful exits in health care and a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a BS, MS Computer Science, and MBA. Bruce’s level of extensive information systems design, development, and delivery expertise supercharges Royal’s ability to startup with the highest degree of productivity.

Tom Coyle
Chief Technology Officer

An integrator from the worlds of technology and decision making, Tom Coyle brings his West Point education and government leadership as both an Army officer and a civilian to Royal Technology and Agriculture. His artificial intelligence expertise solves the biggest top-level strategic challenges for the many companies he advises. With a passion for personal nutrition and wellness, Tom is reshaping the modern farm with technology.

Jeremy Ritter
Chief Business Development Officer

A seasoned business developer with a strategic mindset for technology and sales management, Jeremy brings two plus decades of leadership experience in funnel enhancement & client growth techniques. His expertise in account development, advanced coaching and management skills, augment the Royal team’s mission to engage & empower brands, retailers and consumers. He leverages corporate strategy, bold channel management, and operational value to create differentiation for brand stickiness and long-term client value in the technology/agriculture space.


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